Chisholm Trail Swales

27th and North Main

North Newton, KS 67117

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The swales along the bank of Kidron Creek in North Newton are evidence of the passage of millions of cattle and the weight of wagons loaded with provisions that accompanied the cattle drives through Harvey County from 1867-1871. The swale depression runs parallel to the east bank of Kidron Creek where wagons and cattle crossed at a low spot just north of what is today the Kauffman Museum. Most other traces of the Chisholm Trail in Harvey County have been erased by farming, stream management and construction.


The depression along the east bank of Kidron Creek is a reminder of the years of cattle drives that passed through the area during the Chisholm Trail. The swales are located near the Kauffman Museum in Chisholm Trail Park in North Newton title= This marker recognizes the history of the Chisholm Trail. It is located near the Bethel College Administration Building.  title=


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