J. W. Graybill House

307 W 7th Street

Newton, KS 67114

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This American Foursquare structure, built in 1913, was the home of Dr. Jacob W. Graybill and his wife, Joanna. Dr. Graybill was born in April 1872 in McAlisterville, Pennsylvania. Four years later, his family moved to Kansas and settled on a farm in the Walton township of Harvey County. In 1889, Graybill completed his early education in Newton public schools. He then worked with his brother in pharmaceuticals in Hutchinson for two years before continuing his education in 1895 at the University of Kansas in the medical program. Upon graduating in 1898, he opened his first practice in Moundridge. Determined to better his medical education, he returned to school in 1903, focusing on a post graduate degree in surgery at the Philadelphia Polyclinic School in Pennsylvania. In 1904, he attended the University of Pennsylvania, taking additional courses before moving to Newton that fall to open his own practice. In 1905, a campaign for better health conditions in Kansas was launched by the Secretary of the State Board of Health. Graybill was made the county health officer, a position he held for three years. He was also an active member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen (A.O.U.W.) and served two year terms as the grand medical examiner in 1907 and 1909.


In 1911, he was elected as grand master. Graybill was also active an active Republican, serving as a member of the electoral college in 1908, electing William Howard Taft as president. He also served as Kansas' lieutenant governor from 1929-1933. Graybill married his wife, Joanna (Jackson), in 1901. They had two children, son Col. Russell Graybill and daughter Harriet. The Graybills lived in this home until their deaths. Dr. Graybill died in 1934 following an illness, and Mrs. Graybill died in 1949. Russell Graybill resided in the home following his father's death and remained in the home after the death of his mother. Today, the home remains in the Graybill family.

Dr. Jacob W. Graybill taken circa 1930 title=  title=


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